Welcome to Jesus Factz- your source for unbiased, pure, raw, non-politically correct,

non-chauvininistic, non-predjudiced, highly accurate,non-colonial,

view points, facts,philosophies and true meanings or entomology facts behind

monotheism, religion, the Eastern Afro-Asiatic man referred to as Jesus,

neo-paganism and it’s influence,

polytheism, paganism and much, much more…


My main reason for creating this site is to unite the world and powers that be with pure consciousness.

I was born and immediately christened as a Catholic not too long after birth because my

father was Catholic. My mother and grandparents are Christians, so I grew up as a

Christian until becoming spiritual but non religious after deep studying

and understanding of the origin of Christianity, The Bible,

Baptism, Abrahamic Monotheism, The Cross, The Caucasian/European Jesus,

The Absolutely Neglected Act Of Falling On The Face,

All Major Religions And Ways Of Life, etc.

The result is this page… ❤Enjoy.



The material we produce is designed to unify those who have a similar life experience,

know these facts, but have no one to share them with due to discrimination,

predjudice and non acceptance due to programing and feeling

the need to fit in and be accepted as opposed to yearning

for pure, sole truth and reality… This website is all

about unification through truth, reality,

knowledge, facts and true understanding/yearning for knowledge.

This site is for those who don’t know everything

and know they don’t know everything.

For those who want to truly learn or have no access to facts.



The main goal of our site is to bring us all together through wisdom

and understanding. Let’s build!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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